TikTok Star Kanwal Aftab Has Spoken Up In Support Of Jannat Mirza In The Feud With Bushra Ansari

Having unintentionally hurt the sentiments of the Christian community. TikTok Star Jannat Mirza found herself feuding with Bushra Ansari despite apologizing to all her fans and people offended by the post. Bushra Ansari had criticized Jannat and that sparked an outrageous reaction from Jannat’s fans, friends, and family, and plenty of people stood by Jannat. In an […]

Some Coffee Myths That Need To Be Busted ASAP

Imagine sitting in that egg chair hanging on your balcony on a rainy summer day with your favorite book in your hand. Everything seems perfect, but hey! Where is that warm cup of coffee, which makes everything more than perfect?  Perhaps, a few of you must be thinking that you should not include it in […]

The Right Organic Face Wash for Your Skin Type

With organic face wash, get fresh, spotless, and glowing skin is what we all dream of. Who would disagree? No one, indeed! Nevertheless, the soaring temperature, humidity, and heat in the summer season can act as foes, possibly harming your skin in different ways. For example, stimulating hyperactivity of the oil glands, causing acne, rashes, […]

Summer Skincare Routine – The Right Way!

It is heartbreaking when you buy so many Summer Skincare products and the results yielded are not even close to what you had imagined in your mind. Are you looking for ways to bring your skin’s A-game? There is no rocket science when it comes to following a skincare regime that gives flawless and younger-looking […]


Everybody wishes to select the best items that can be the best for the well-being of the skin and can give sparkle and shine for the whole duration of the day. This is something that can be accomplished with the best quality of the skin products that must be applied at different times of the […]

10 Antioxidant-Rich Foods for Flawless Skin

Introduction Putting your best face forward begins with your diet. The same foods that are healthy for your body are also great for your skin. If you want a healthy, flawless complexion, load up on nutritious meals and snacks packed with seasonal superfoods containing a variety of free radical fighting antioxidants.  Free Radicals Everything around […]

15 Best beauty apps to download right now

In this era of technology, everything is just a click away. If you are spectating for a makeup artist or a dermatologist, anything related to beauty can be in your cell phone device at the instant. Numerous applications are created that help people in learning more about beauty and its applications. These presentations are the […]

Seven Easy Grooming Tips for Grooms for Their Wedding Day

Who doesn’t want to look like the “Prince Charming” galloping out of their fiancée’s fantasy on their wedding day! After all, being on top of their looks, is not just the domain of the ladies when it comes to being one of the most special nights of life. Wedding memories last for a lifetime and […]

10 Healthy Cooking Oils You Must Use in Your Diet

We are now more health-conscious than we were ever before. But we are now in an era where we have lots of options to choose from. Some of them have a negative effect on our health which is a matter of concern. However, some of them are good at baking and others are at frying […]